A Secure World Vision

Jonetix's revolutionary product, CryptoLoop, enables online users full non-repudiation and authentication security, protecting all networks, identity assets, Social Security, medical credentials, credit cards, bank and brokerage accounts, and all cloud accounts.

User logon to any subscriber company is a fast and easy to use, single-click sign-on, that does not require memorizing complex passwords, nor does it even accept passwords, making it truly impervious to password hacking.

All users' communications and transactions occur through secure, uniquely private, unimpeachable channels, protected by Jonetix's patented technologies.

CryptoLoop will not rely on any trusted third parties, will block any Identity theft attempts, and can provide real-time notification of fraud attempts to the legitimate credential owner.


CryptoLoop and Jonetix's Silicon Anchor Security Engine (SASE) will provide absolute online security & identity credential protection for users, computer, and operating systems, as well as all IoT and other networks.

Secure Processor Unit w/ SASE

In 2020, Jonetix Corporation will introduce Secure Computing, which will produce the world's first unhackable servers, computers, phones & tablets.

Tri-Shield Memories

Implementation of Jonetix's TransMemory technology will make computers, tablets, and phones immune to BranchScope, Meltdown & Spectre, as it secures all user and computer credentials from any form of hacking.