Richard Nathan, Founder

CEO & Director of Innovative Card Technologies, Founder and CEO of Prolinx Labs, Vice President of Actel, Atari & Commodore Corporations

Paul Wu, PhD, President & Director

Director of Engineering at Xilinx, Founder & Vice President at Prolinx Labs, Director of Engineering at Intel, Founder & Vice President at Syntest Corp.

Nick Tredennick, PhD, Vice President & Director

Founder & Director of Product Development at NexGen, Chief Scientist at Altera, US Air Force Pilot & Naval Aerospace Engineer, Primary Logic Designer of Motorola's 68000 Microprocessor.

Kirk Ross, Founder

VP of Finance at Anita Borg Institute, VP Numerical Technologies, VP & CFO at Actel Corporation

Independent Directors & Advisors

Robert Hinckley, Esq., Director & Secretary

VP at Xilinx, NEC & Spectra Physics Corporations, US Naval Nuclear Weapons Officer, Chair of Tulane University Law School Dean's Advsory Board

Joe Zelayeta, Founder

Executive VP at LSI Logic, Consultant & Director at Globalfoundries and Soft Machines. Former Director of the Semiconductor Research Corporation

George Gilder, Director

Writer, Invesstor, Economist and Technologist, Authored 22 Books and Published the Gilder Technology Report. He is a co-founder of the Discovery Institute and was the contemporary author most quoted by President Ronald Reagan.

Professor CC Lee, PhD, Executive Advisor

Statistical Communication, Networks, and Information Theories, Founder & Director Master of Information Technology Program, EECS Northwestern Universsity, Chief Architect at Juniper Networks